What Does Dry Herb Vaporizer Mean

A dry herb vaporizer works by heating up the herbs to vaporize them without using the process of combustion. The coil within the vaporizer heats up the herbs you use within the reservoir to bring out the flavors and features without burning the herbs to create smoke. When you’re using a vaporizer, the white plumes that come out are vapor, not smoke. You can inhale the vapor to take advantage of the benefits of the herbs without the concern or danger of combustion.

In order to vape a dry herb, you’ll need several important items. The first is the unit, and the second is the herb you plan to use within the reservoir. You’ll also need a grinder, a funnel or loading tool, and a glass jar. When the time comes to clean your vape, make sure you have rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs to remove all the grime that stays behind when vapor is produced.

You’ll use the grinder to make sure all particles of the dry herb are roughly the same size, which ensures more even heating for a smoother flavor. The funnel allows you to load up the reservoir, while the glass jar is what you’ll put the remaining herb in when you finish your session. If you’re vaping cannabis, the cannabis that remains behind is referred to as “already been vaped” or ABV. Some people like to use this to make tincture, an alcoholic beverage, or edibles with the remaining herb.


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